We were delighted to receive the exciting news that Tumour Trace has been announced the overall winner from a cohort of 11 fledgling start-ups, following our participation in the rigorous and intensive 3 month Next Business Generation business accelerator programme, where recipients learn from expert business leaders, the skills and knowledge required to take a product or service successfully to market. One essential and prized element of the programme is the 1:1 coaching provided by experts in their specialist field. This adds a layer of intrinsic knowledge imparted by someone who has themselves taken a product or service to market with success; not discounting the invaluable lessons learnt along the way through mistake making and finding solutions. Mitigating risk is critical to the success of any business and first hand insight are thus invaluable.

Professor Koruga’s technology already shows great promise following outstanding results from initial validation trials conducted with a series of prototype devices. Results have shown when screening for cervical cancer that this unique method delivers 95% accuracy in less than 10 minutes.

The development of OMIS represents Tumour Trace’s first product. Professor Koruga’s technology named ‘OMIS’; Opto-Magnetic Imaging Spectroscopy (OMIS), is a nanophysical diagnostic technique based on the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with valence electrons within the sample material, which consequently examines the electronic properties of the matter (covalent bonds, hydrogen bonds, ion-electron interaction, and Van der Waals interaction). This science brings together physics and biology to engineer a potential solution to a growing medical problem.

Although extensive trials are yet to be carried out, initial studies show that there is no equivalent cancer screening tool in the world that provides such effective results in such a short time frame. Toby Reid, Director of Biocity says “The team at Tumour Trace worked exceptionally hard during the Next Business Generation Programme. Their commitment and professionalism combined with the exciting potential for this technology made them stand out and they were deserved winners of the Best Overall Business category.” Medicity’s Managing Director and NBG Coach, David Browning added “It excites me to think with the Tumour Trace early cancer detection device, the potential really is for a global solution to such a frightening and growing pain cancer presents to the world. Ibuprofen was developed by Dr Stewart Adams at Boots’ research laboratories in Nottingham in the 1960s and who knows the Tumour Trace may represent another breakthrough”.