A Nottingham company is developing a breakthrough machine that can detect cancer within minutes.

Aamir Butt is the CEO of Nottingham company Tumour Trace, which is a company dedicated to finding technological solutions for screening, monitoring and early diagnostics of cancer.

Tumour Trace has now created a machine which can detect cancer within minutes.

This new breakthrough could change the world of cancer detection.

MediCity in Nottingham will be seeing Tumour Trace come and join their company, which could create new jobs in the health sector.

Tumour Trace hopes to launch a drop in testing clinic early next year.

The device has been tested at the John Van Geest Cancer Research Centre and scientists believe this could be the next big thing in the battle against cancer.

CEO of Tumour Trace, Aamir decided to invest in the device after his best man, Gareth found out he had cancer when it was too late.

Now rather than waiting weeks or months before your treatment can start, this new machine can test you for traces of cancer within minutes.

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You would normally send the sample off to a lab and wait for the results to come back and wait for a consultation, but our results get given within minutes there and then at the point of care. Aamir Butt

CEO, Tumour Trace