Tumour Trace Ltd

Tumour Trace is a method where unstained samples of cervical smears are used, and it is based on image processing and classification algorithm that gives results within 10min with only 5% of false negatives.

With such a low rate of false negatives, Tumour Trace provides fast and accurate results, preventing delayed diagnosis and thus reducing costs of treatment and increasing chances of survival.

Based on peer reviewed research, TT technology is a fully validated invitro device with proof of concept pre-clinical data in the UK, Serbia and India.

Tumour Trace have already had very positive results from a double blind randomised study by the John Van Geest cancer research centre in Nottingham, UK and the Norodni Front, Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic in Belgrade, Serbia.

For cervical cancer, the current PAP/LBC test delivers, at best, sensitivity and specificity at 56.75% and 97.75% respectively versus TT which delivers 95.24% and 99% respectively. For prostate cancer, current tests are, at best, 63% accurate versus TT which delivers 88%.

The device is anticipated to receive a CE Mark for IVD (In-Vitro Diagnostics) medical device in Q4 2015. Currently TT is focusing on cervical and prostrate cancers and other cancers will brought to the capabilities of the device in the future.

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